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CEDAR Updates and Profile Survey

Note: The email campaign I sent out had an incorrect link to access the survey. Use this link instead,


Hey Subscribers!

The CEDAR VoiceAttack profile for Star Citizen is long-overdue for an update. With the release of Alpha 3.0 many of the ship functions have been updated, and keybindings are an ever-changing mix. Each set of in-game changes needs to be matched by updates to the profile, but I’ve been slacking

That changes with CEDAR 2.0

The next phase of CEDAR will be a complete rebuild of the profile to ensure that ongoing maintenance is easier, that key features are captured and easily executed, and that users have enough supported customization options to match the profile to their play style.

Some of the key changes to look forward to:

  • Keybindings are moving to custom variables instead of discrete commands.
  • Users can override the default keybindings on the fly, and custom keybinds can be configred within the VoiceAttack editor.
  • Applying the lessons-learned from ongoing development.

I want to hear from you

I’ve set up an online survey touching on some key pieces of feedback. The responses you provide will help prioritize the early features for CEDAR 2.0, and help shape the future plans for the profile.

When to expect the first update?

I’m currently targeting the first week of June to have the initial profile released. I’m already starting the early work on the profile and will be live-streaming and uploading VoiceAttack tutorials as I go, and I’ll broadcast the release date on my website, on youtube, and through my subscriber list.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

 – Bryce, aka “Red”
Red Monster Gaming


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