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Note: Square brackets “[  ]” indicate a range of options. Italicized text provides a brief description for commands that may not be self-explanatory. This is not a complete list of available verbal commands, but contains the most common spoken commands. Other spoken variations have been added out of personal preference, but are not listed here.

System Startup Commands

  1. On Startup: “Respawn” or “Initialize System”
  2. Once in the ship: “Prepare the Ship”

When loading into a new ship (after re-spawning or starting a new game session) you should issue the “Initialize System” command. This will reset ship assumptions such as power status and IFCS safeties to their default positions, resulting in fewer corrections. If you issued the “respawn” command after your most recent death, the “initialize system” command was automatically triggered as part of the respawn script.

Once you are in your ship and able to access the HUD, issue the “prepare the ship” command to adjust your IFCS safeties to their desired states. Note: ESP is a persistent setting but Coupled, G Safe, and ComStab all reset to defaults each time a ship is loaded.

Power Management Commands

  • [Enable/Disable] power to all systems
  • [Balance/Reset] Power Distribution
  • [Enable/Disable] Master Power
  • Set Master Power to [0-100] Percent – Approximate throttling of master power based on pressing and holding down keys.

The following commands can be issued for each power group. Accepted power groups are: Weapons, Group 1, Shields, Group 2, Engines, Group 3

  • [Enable/Disable] power to (power group)
  • [Full/Increase] power to (power group)

Shield Management Commands

Accepted directions are: Forward, Rear, Left, Right, Top, Bottom

  • Full Power To (direction) Shields
  • Increase power to (direction) Shields [5-100] Percent – numbers must be dictated in increments of 5.
  • [Balance/Reset] Shields

Targeting Commands

  • [next/previous/nearest] Target
  • [next/previous] Enemy
  • [next/previous] Friendly
  • [next/previous] Saved Target
  • [Save/Pin] Target
  • This Target – targets the vehicle your reticle is currently over
  • Target Focus
  • Switch Reticle Mode – switches the targeting PIP between “trailing from weapon” and “leading the target” modes

Flight Commands

  • [Speed/Flight] to [0-100] Percent
  • [Enter/Exit/Toggle] Quantum Travel
  • Engage Quantum Flight; Quantum Jump; Second Star to the Right
  • Couple/Decouple
  • [Enable/Disable/Toggle/Switch] Coupled Mode
  • [Enable/Disable/Toggle/Switch] Command Stability
  • [Enable/Disable/Toggle/Switch] G Safe
  • [Enable/Disable/Toggle/Switch] ESP
  • Cycle Safeties
  • Match Target Velocity
  • Exit Seat
  • Toggle [Relative/Lookahead] Mode

Combat Commands

  • Lock Missiles
  • Lock [2-4] Missiles
  • Fire Missiles
  • [Lock/Unlock] Gimbals
  • Switch Countermeasures
  • Switch to [Flares/Chaff]
  • Launch Countermeasures
  • Launch [Flares/Chaff]
  • Dump Countermeasures – Launches currently selected CM, switches CM, pauses for a moment and launches CM again.

HUD/Camera Commands

  • Display [Overview/Weapons/Power/Shields]
  • [Enter/Exit/Interact With] HUD
  • [Forward/3rd person/Rear/Pilot] Camera
  • Zoom Radar
  • Look [Behind/Back] – 1 second lookback
  • [Enable/Disable/Toggle/Switch] Mobi Glass
  • [Enable/Disable/Toggle/Switch] Augmented Reality
  • [Show/Hide] Chat Window
  • [Show/Hide] Friends List

Landing Commands

  • [Deploy/Lower] Landing Gear; Wheels Down – Deploys landing gear and enters Landing Mode
  • [Retract/Raise] Landing Gear; Wheels Up – Deploys landing gear and enters Landing Mode
  • Enable Auto Landing – when in range of landing pad, enters automatic landing mode

On Foot/FPS Commands

  • Weapon 1/Pistol
  • Weapon 2/Machine Gun
  • Weapon 3/Rifle
  • Crouch
  • Prone
  • Stand up
  • Jump
  • Holster weapon
  • Heal/Med pen
  • Flashlight
  • Reload
  • Roll Left/Right
  • Lean Left/Right (1 second)
  • Peek Left/Right (.5 second)
  • Toggle Stance
  • Select Item
  • Signal [forward/left/right/stop/yes/no]

Response Modes

You can choose the way the system responds to commands using one of four options. These include text to speech and audio feedback.

  • Set response mode to:
    • Standard Text to Speech
    • Simple Text to Speech
    • Simple Tones
    • R2D2

Custom Macros

  • Initialize System – resets ship settings to default positions
  • Take Off – Strafe upward for 4 seconds, retracts landing gear, moves into SCM flight mode, and adjusts ship settings to match preferences
  • Prepare the Ship – automatically done when using “take off” command. Used while in the ship and able to interact with the HUD, will adjust IFCS safeties to desired positions, decoupled, etc.
  • Respawn – Runs the initialize system command and adds 1 to your death count
  • Combat Mode – Increases power to weapons and shields, increases forward shields by an arbitrary amount
  • Defensive Mode – Increases power to engines and shields, increases rear shields by an arbitrary amount
  • Kill Confirmed – Adds 1 to your current kill count
  • What is my current [Kill/Death] count – displays current kill or death count
  • Map Targets – cycles 4 enemy targets and pins them
  • Map [1-5] Targets – cycles the specified number of targets and pins them
  • Map Friendlies – cycles 4 friendly targets and pins them
  • Countdown from [1-10] – It was easy.. why the hell not?!?!
  • [Evade/Ditch] Missile – drops flares, chaff, and cuts power to engines for about 2 seconds to kill IR signature
  • Look behind for [1-10] seconds
  • Strafe (direction) – strafes in the intended direction for 2 seconds. Accepted directions are: forward, reverse, left, right, up, down
  • Strafe (direction) and Hold – same directions as normal strafe command, but continues to hold until you say “Stop”

Misc Commands

  • Lights [on/off]
  • [Enable/Disable/Toggle/Switch] PID Broadcast
  • Eject
  • Self Destruct

User Preferences

The first time you start up your profile, CEDAR will walk you through an initial setup to gather all your preferences. If this is interrupted at any time, or if you want to redo the preferences, use the following commands:

  • Restart CEDAR Introduction
  • Continue CEDAR Introduction

Here are the commands to modify individual preferences:

  • Set default display screen to [overview/weapons/shields/power]
  • Set pilot gender to [male/female]
  • Set pilot title to:
    • Accepted titles are: civilian, citizen, professor, doctor, specialist, private, corporal, sergeant, officer, lieutenant, commander, captain, major, colonel, general, admiral
  • What is my pilot [gender/title]

The following features can be enabled or disabled by stating “enable (feature)” or “disable (feature)”

  • State Correction
  • Corrected Command Execution
  • System Hud Interaction
  • Critical Command Confirmation
  • Dumb Fire Missiles

The following preferred settings can be set to [true/on/false/off] by stating “set default (setting name) to [true/on/false/off]”. You can also ask “what is my default (setting name) setting”

  • Coupled Mode
  • G Safe
  • ComStab
  • ESP
  • Gimbal Lock