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Pyro Mineable Location Data Now Available

Hey Folks, with the Pyro system being released into the TECH-PREVIEW channel I’ve finally had a chance to dive into the source files and figure out what mineable resources can be found, and where. I’m still working through some of the finer details like which asteroid clusters belong to which template, as well as the various refinery bonuses and inventories, but expect those to populate pretty quickly as I’m able to get more time in Pyro!


Surface Ore Percentages in Pyro

We only have access to Pyro 1, Pyro 2, and Pyro 3 currently, which is unfortunate because the more distant planets and moons seem to have a very different profile within the common elements. Based on what I’ve seen, Pyro 1 may end up being a favorite for it’s best chances at Bexalite and Taranite.

Pyro 5 will not have any mineable elements because it’s a gas giant but it has 6 natural moons that each have their own distributions, as well as having assimilated Pyro 4 into it’s orbit.

Deep Space Ores in Pyro

This chart is less straightforward, as the Pyro system has at least 20 named asteroid clusters scattered throughout the map, as well as 25 lagrange points which each should have their own asteroid fields (Note that Pyro 4 has been scooped up into Pyro 5’s orbit, so it does not have its own Lagrange points). Outside of the Akiro Cluster, each row represents a template that an asteroid field might be assigned. We don’t have access to all of them yet, and I’ll align the named clusters and Lagrange points to their templates in a future revision.

Gemstone Locations in Pyro

Gemstone distribution in the Pyro system doesn’t seem as varied as the Stanton sytem. Most planets and moons only have a single gemstone type, which should make ROC mining more predictable. FPS mining seems pretty uniformly distributed with a high concentration of Dolivine and a Medium or Low concentration of Aphorite, with Hadanite being entirely absent. I’ll also note that Pyro 5D “Fairo” seems entirely devoid of ROC mineable deposits, which will need to be validated once we gain access to the further reaches of Pyro.

New Mineable Materials in Source Files but Not Implemented

One of the biggest surprises in looking at the data is that there are four new mineable resources in the source files, HOWEVER, these minerals are NOT included in the current rock spawning recipe. I’ll be watching for these over the next few patches and expect some major updates as they start populating.

The above chart is NOT included in my updated charts yet, simply beacuse the new materials aren’t fully implemented.

My assumption is that Riccite and Sileron will be on par with the Tier 1 materials and likely a similar price point. Each have very high instability, high resistance, and very high explosive multipliers. Silicon looks like it should be a Tier 3 based on the lower instability, negative resistance, and high cluster modifier. Finally, Ice is almost certainly going to be one of the Tier 3 common elements that we’re going to start seeing on a more regular basis. It’s time to embrace your inner ice hauler – “Remember the Cant!

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I just steer this thing.

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