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Join us for the 3rd Annual Demolition Derby

I’m pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Red Legion Rumble will be taking place on Sunday June 9th at 9am Mountain Time

The Contest

The Red Legion Rumble is a Tournament-style Demolition Derby hosted inside Star Citizen.

Contestants will battle it out in 6-person rounds while driving Tumbril Cyclones, earning points based on their placement in each of three rounds to determine overall placement. The Top 6 scorers moving on to the final round, where the 6 Finalists will compete in a single elimination round to crown the champion!

The Prize

  • 1st Place: 5 Million aUEC + MISC Freelancer MIS and Mirai Pulse Game Package with Lifetime Insurance
  • Remaining Finalists (2nd through 6th Place): 1 Million aUEC each

How To Enter

All official communication regarding the Red Legion Rumble will be handled through the Red Legion Discord server ( All contestants are expected to use Discord voice chat during all event activities.

The Rules

  1. Event Authority: Participants agree to follow any and all instructions provided by the facilitating staff. Failure to do so could result in penalties or expulsion from the competition.
  2. Round Structure: Each round will consist of 6 players each driving a Tumbril Cyclone RC, which will be provided by the event facilitators. The round will start on the signal from the event master, and continues until all competing vehicles have been destroyed. Participants will earn points based on who survives the longest.
  3. Scoring: Scores will be assigned based on the placement within each round, awarding 4 points for first place, 3 points for second place, 2 points for third place, and 1 point for fourth place. No points are awarded for fifth or sixth place. For the preliminary rounds, if necessary, the highest total scores from three rounds per contestant will determine which participants advance to the semifinals. For the semifinals round, the scores from two rounds determine who will move on. The final round will be a single elimination fight to the death.
  4. Ties: In the event of a tie in the preliminary or semifinal rounds, the point awards will be split between the tying participants. In the case of a tie in total scores to determine who advances to the semifinals, a tiebreaker round will be held between the tying contestants and unscored volunteer participants to fill a 6 participant round. In the event of a tie for first place in the final round, the winner will be determined via a sudden death elimination joust between the tying members.
  5. Engagement Area: The engagement area is limited to the horizontal surface of the large sized landing pad at the event location. Any vehicle that is partially within the engagement area is considered a valid target. If a vehicle leaves the engagement area, the facilitator may call an immediate hold until all vehicles can return to the engagement area, at which point the round will resume. Leaving the engagement area to avoid a collision could result in a score penalty.
  6. Penalties: To ensure smooth operations of the event, scoring penalties may be assessed for disruptive behavior. These will be issued at the sole discretion and judgement of the event facilitating staff and appeals will not be allowed.
  7. Location: The general event location will be shared with participants 1 hour before each event start, and participants are expected to navigate to the nearest orbital station prior to the event (Everus Harbor, Port Olisar, Baijini Point, or Port Tressler). The location may be changed without notice to avoid disruption. Participants will not be allowed to fly their own ships to the event location, instead a shuttle service will be provided from the nearest orbital station, and on-site respawn services will be provided by the event facilitators.
  8. Vehicles: The facilitating crew will provide all Tumbril Cyclones to be used for this event. The vehicle model used will be the Tumbril Cyclone RC. No other vehicles will be permitted near the area except for those used for official event support.
  9. Contestant Expectations: Contestants should expected to:
    1. Cooperate with event facilitators and follow all instructions given.
    2. Be active in Discord voice channels during the event and expect to be moved between channels when necessary.
    3. Accept party invites regularly as groups are formed and disbanded between rounds.
    4. Be at the designated orbital station 30 minutes before event start to take the shuttle to the contest area.
    5. Use the provided respawn services to limit required travel times.
  10. Prizes: All aUEC prizes are provided as in game currency and have no monetary value.