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My Master Mining Cheatsheet on Google Docs

Hey Folks,

The the RedMonsterSC’s Master Mining Cheatsheet has been posted to my discord server for a few months now, and I’ve decided its time to share it here too! Its a Google Docs workbook with most of the important calculations you might need when you’re out on a mining run, as well as a logbook to record each refinery order as you place them. The document has grown to include the details on refinery locations and which equipment they sell, the resource distribution table that guides you on where to find specific materials, and links to my helpful guide videos for specific mining topics.

I even put together this helpful video guide for how to use it, and how to request support if you think of a feature that it’s missing!

I’m making regular updates to the master spreadsheet, including changes to resource distribution, new refinery stations, and adding features and other helpful calculations.

In order to start using it, follow the link below. You’ll need to create a copy of the document for your own use so that your log can remain your own, and if you ever get stuck with an outdated version, you can follow the link on the instructions tab to return to the latest revision and make a new copy from there.

As always, If you have feedback regarding the form, or ar just looking for a group to mine with, please drop in on my Discord server at!

I just steer this thing.

10 thoughts on “My Master Mining Cheatsheet on Google Docs

  1. Thank you, sir. This will save me an incredible amount of heartache. Keep up the good work!!

  2. There’s a bug in the Google mining sheet refinery log script, where it adds 2 hours less than whatever you entered in the Dashboard. Example, if I type in 12 for ‘hours left” the log will populate with an eta of 10 hrs. FYI I’m in UTC -4 timezone (EST) if that makes a difference.

    1. Hey, that could be a difference in time zone settings. You should be able to check and/or update the time fields in the first row of the log book to update their timezone setting.

  3. FYI, found that the Focus II module is not sold at MIC L5. The Focus I and Focus III are, but not II.

  4. Good day, I cracked a 62K mass (68% Iron- 28% Teranite). The Bulk Mass Calculator calculated around 60 SCU of Teranite. I ensured the break was 100% in the green zone (no overcharge). It was a good break as most of the teranite was together and I was able to take it all in. With that said, the total SCU was about 26 SCU. Accounting for loss during break, I was expecting maybe 50SCU?. So I wonder if using a lot of Surges does affect the outcome? Let me know what you think.. your Spreadsheet is awesome.

    1. I don’t think the surge will make that much of an impact. Its possible that part of the rock fragment ended up below ground or simply vanished. The bulk mass calculator assumes that there is no loss of material during fracturing, but that’s not always the case. For surface deposits it does have a higher loss factor than the asteroids, but it’s very inconsistent.

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