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Hey Folks!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 has finally hit the PTU servers and we’ve got our first look at Salvage gameplay mechanics! There are salvageable wrecks to be found throughout the Stanton System, as well as the required hardware to purchase from a variety of locations. Derelict ships are generated the same way that asteroids and mineral deposits are generated – certain locations will have a different set of derelicts that can spawn in, so of course I thought this would be a great opportunity for some more of my famous cheat sheets!

You can download the entire set in a .zip file by following this link:

Change Log:

  • 2022-12-24: Updated Scraper Module Matrix to reflect reclaimer buffs.
  • 2022-12-23: Initial revision based on 3.18 Wave 1 PTU data.

Salvage Tutorial Video

In addition to these tables, I’s also prepared the following Salvage Tutorial Video covering the major aspects of salvage so that you can have everything you need to be successful when Alpha 3.18 is released on the Live Environment.

Asteroid Field Spawn Matrix

This table shows the different types of asteroids and salvageable derelict ships that can spawn at each asteroid field. Derelicts do not spawn for surface locations so those are not included on this table.

Light version of the Asteroid Field Spawn Matrix
Dark version of the Asteroid Field Spawn Matrix

Scraper Module Matrix

The following Scraper Modules are available to purchase and equip on your Salvage Beams. Please note that Weighted Collection Factor or WCF is my own calculation which factors in the diameter of the Scraper Module Beam and the Collection speed of each beam.

Light version of the Scraper Module Matrix
Dark version of the Scraper Module Matrix

Salvage Equipment Shop Inventory

Want to find out where to buy all those new salvage devices? This is the table you need.

Light version of the Salvage Equipment Shop Inventory
Dark version of the Salvage Equipment Shop Inventory

Scan Signal Profiles

Radar scans will pick up signals for both asteroids and salvageable derelicts or bulk panels. By looking at the signal profile you should be able to easily separate asteroids from salvage, and identify what type of derelict vehicle is behind that signal.

Asteroids always return a Radar Signal (RS) of 1700 per asteroid, while reclaimer sized panels return an RS of 2000 per section. C2 and 890j Derelict Vehicles are automatically detected as salvage at distances well outside normal scanning range.

Light version of the Scan Signal Profiles
Dark version of the Scan Signal Profiles