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Hey all! 3.22 adds some changes to deposit scaling that are going to make life a little easier for solo miners, as long as you know where to go. I’m hoping to address that with a few new metrics.

First is the Mass Index. This takes a weighted average of the material density in each deposit type and ranks them on a scale of 1 through 9, with 1 being lowest mass and 9 being highest. In essence, the average mass for that deposit type. Each location now has an Average Mass Index of these mass indexes which figures in the variety of deposits that can spawn there. I’ve also included the Mass Index Range to provide some insight into the variability of masses you might expect.

Beyond that, I added the material properties beneath the ore locations table so that it’s easier to see crucial information like density, instability and resistance when making decisions about where to mine.

I’ve taken that concept one step further with the Desirability Index which is my own home-baked math to say whether a deposit is worth pursuing or avoiding. That takes into account the material properties as well as the material value. This metric will definitely evolve as I fine tune it further, but let’s call this version 1.0.

.ZIP files containing all charts:


  • 2023-05-10 – Initial update based on 3.19.0 PTU.8472527 build data.
  • 2023-05-11 – Added refineries, lasers, modules, and gadgets.
  • 2023-05-17 – Updated for 3.19 Live Build!
  • 2023-08-31 – Added 3.20 PTU charts with updated data.
  • 2023-12-14 – Updated for 3.22

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Refinery Yield Bonuses

This information comes from direct observation in game and now includes the three jump point stations!

Mining Lasers

Lasers, modules, and gadget parameters haven’t changed recenlty, although I do finally have the inventory for the jump point stations included.

Mining Modules


Mineable Material Properties & Prices

Average sale prices for all refined ores as well as the specific properties for each material.

These used to be in separate tables but I decided it was time to combine them.

Prices have been moved to the backend database as of 3.19 so we’re going to see a lot more dynamic pricing moving forward. These values have been updated for 3.22, but dynamic pricing means that it will only be an average. Please check out UEXCorp for regular pricing updates!

Ore Percentages by Location (Surface)

Mineral distribution has seen a significant amount of change thanks to density differences. See the paragraph up at the top for an explanation of Average Mass Index, Mass Index Range, and Desirability Index.

Ore Percentages by Location (Space)

Similar to surface locations, space locations got an update. The average mass for M and Q types got a boost, so the deep space asteroid fields should provide some larger mass rocks to break.

Gem Likelihood by Location

Aberdeen is still the Hadanite ROC mining paradise it’s always been! I’ve updated to an index system here as well, with higher numbers being more likely. FPS and ROC deposits have nearly identical probability, so I’ve combined them here.

Janalite is also not listed since it can only spawn in certain caves. Not exactly sure how to data mine that one.

Mineral Chances by Deposit

I’ve added a lot more context for this report. You’ll notice the new average scale (0.6 is normal) as well as an Average Mass which uses a weighted density calculation for the possible materials. I also included the probability for each material, minimum percent, and maximum percent that can be included. The rest of these values are directly from game files.

Common materials can vary by location but will always appear in a 30-70% range. I’ve left a generic “Common” material placeholder here.

PLEASE NOTE: My assumption is that, when a rock is generated, it starts from the top of the list and works it’s way down until it reaches 100% assigned volume and then stops. That means that the materials at the bottom of the list, our Tier 1’s and Quantainium, will have a MUCH LOWER ACTUAL PERCENTAGE chance to appear than is shown here.

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