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Updated Key Bindings for Star Citizen 3.17.2

Hey Folks, it’s been a few patches since I posted an update for my joystick key binding files. I’ve got the latest versions below along with some updated cheat sheet pdf documents for quick reference.

Download Files

Download the Dual VKB Premium Keybinds for Star Citizen v3.17.2

Download the Dual VKB Premium + Rudder Pedals Keybinds for Star Citizen v3.17.2

Open the XML file and then right click > “save as” to get a copy on your local machine. You can also save directly into your Star Citizen mappings folder.

SC Key bindings Folder “Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE\USER\Client\0\Controls\Mappings”

Reference Sheets

Install Instructions

  1. Prior to starting the game, Save the xml file into your “Controls > Mappings” folder.
  2. Startup Star Citizen and wait until you arrive at the main menu.
  3. Open the game menu then select Options > Keybindings > Advanced Controls Customization.
  4. Locate the downloaded file under the “Control Profiles” list under the name “RedMonsterSCs_3172_DualVKB” or “RedMonsterSCs_3172_DualVKB_Rudder.”
  5. Map the devices based on the prompt.
    1. NOTE: My joysticks are mapped to the following device slots: 1: Left, 2: Rudder, 3: Right
    2. NOTE: If you don’t use rudder pedals, leave the selection as “None”
  6. Select Load to import the controls.
  7. Load into the game and test your flight controls match what is expected.

Install Troubleshooting

  1. If you need to remap your joysticks:
    1. Open the command console using the tilde key [~]
    2. Enter “pp_resortDevices joystick # #” replacing the hashes for the input numbers being replaced.
      1. i.e. To swap your joystick 1 and 3 input, you would enter “pp_resortDevices joystick 1 3”
  2. To invert an axis:
    1. In the game menu select “Controls”
    2. Cycle through the input list on the bottom right to open the correct joystick or mouse.
    3. Open “Inversion Settings > Flight > Movement”
    4. Locate the axis you wish to invert and toggle it from no to yes, or vice versa.

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