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Updated Cheatsheets Graphics for 3.17.3

I just released my latest update to my Mining Cheatsheets with updates for the 3.17.3 release. While not much has changed for overall distribution of mineable materials, these new sheets include a relative likelihood of finding materials using some updated math. The Asteroid fields are still in need of additional surveying data, which will come when I have a few free hours with nothing better to do… which might be a while.

In this revision I incorporated the locations where each laser, module, or gadget can be purchased into the standard tables. I also converted the previous passive mining modules chart to match the standard grid format. I had used a different layout in the previous versions but found that it was a bit too much hassle to manage all the time.

You can visit the link from the navigation bar at the top of the website to see them in all there glory, and the zip files can be downloaded from either of these links!

I just steer this thing.

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