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Salvage Tutorial and Cheat Sheets Out Now!

Salvage is here with Alpha 3.18! As an industrial focused player I’m excited to start mixing things up between mining and salvage.

I’ve been able to spend a lot of time in the PTU environment testing out Salvage Gameplay and learning everything I can. From those efforts I’ve prepared a full set of Salvage Cheatsheets as well as a detailed Salvage Tutorial Video based on the 3.18 PTU Data.

At a high level, Salvage Tier Zero introduces Hull Scraping which can be performed with the Reclaimer, Vulture, and Handheld multi-tool. The material you collect is called Recycled Material Composite (RMC) and you can sell it at the Trade Divisions in the major landing zones, as well as a select few station admin terminals. You can also use an RMC canister with the salvage multi-tool attachment to perform hull repairs if your ship is damaged out in the field.

CIG also introduced the first forms of Crafting in Star Citizen, with the ability to craft a Multi-Tool, Salvage Attachment, and RMC canister from the Salvage hoppers on the Vulture and Reclaimer. Although these are more expensive alterantives to just buying them at the station, they are accessible from anywhere as long as you’ve collected a bit of RMC.

I just steer this thing.

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  1. nice video. I noticed the scraper module matrix you get your WCF by multiplying the speed times the area which gives you collection per second but if you multiply that times the effeciency you get material harvested per second. Abrade and Cinch are prety close but the difference is the increase in effeciency makes it so you can collect 20% more material.

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