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CEDAR 1.5 released! Updates for SC 2.6 and Star Marine

I’ve just released version 1.5 of CEDAR with updates for Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 and Star Marine! I’d appreciate your feedback

Change notes for this release:

1.5 – 2017 01 02

  • Keybindings mapped for Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.
  • Updated keybindings for exit seat, holster weapon, prone, cycle safeties, heal, boost, and space brake.
  • Updated the functionality of afterburners now that they have their own keybind and no longer require a double click. As of the current release the command will press and hold the shift button until you say stop.
  • Removed now depreciated flight mode commands and their associated keybindings.
  • Added in FPS/Combat commands for use in StarMarine.
    • Added commands for “Signal [forward/left/right/stop/yes/no]” according to the FPS emotes in StarMarine
    • Switching weapons, reloading, and med pen/healing also included
    • Note: During testing it does not appear that the “lean left” and “lean right” commands are working in the current StarMarine release. The key bindings in CEDAR 1.5 have been verified so I’m hopeful this works once CIG Fixes it!
  • Remapped the shield management commands to use prefix/suffix method outlined in this VoiceAttack tutorial video. There should be no difference in performance, although this does allow for greater flexibility in which spoken commands could be used.
I just steer this thing.

10 thoughts on “CEDAR 1.5 released! Updates for SC 2.6 and Star Marine

  1. Fantastic! Thank you.
    I have been waiting for an update since SC 2.6 release.

    I enjoy your CEDAR VA profile best out of the others available.
    Simple, straightforward and it works.

  2. Hey! This is a GREAT VA profile! Just wanted to say thanks! This is SO much easier to use than some of the other VA profiles out there. This one has made a difference! Thanks for the hard work!

  3. I have the Eden profile which is much more limited in scope; Cedar did all the things. I have been merging the 2 together into one great profile. Most of the work has been changing format of the voice commands to remove many of the (multi) and make things more streamlined. Great work! Took me hours to reverse engineer some of your finer scripting and adapt it to my purposes. Wish I had found the YouTube series earlier…

    1. Also how can i add to the power management, so i can say shields up;on, without having to say disable;cut before saying shields? Been trying to add that in but no luck. Basically i would like to be able to say Shields up and it will raise the shields with out having to rewrite the whole thing.

      1. Hey, haven’t been working in Voice Attack for a while but I’ll see what I can remember.

        In the later versions I would send the multi-part commands through a handler command, with the prefix/suffix commands setting the variables for the handler. You could try to add a new command that for those spoken phrases, have it set both variables and then execute the handler command.

        Did that address your question?

    2. Right now I don’t have anything specific planned, and I’ve been slightly boycotting Star Citizen after my RX480 graphics card no longer rendered the planet surfaces. It was also difficult to keep up with all the changes to keybindings and game interaction.

      I might pick it back up as they get closer to a beta or release.

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