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Version 1.4 Released!

After a few weeks away, I was finally able to address some of the changes I wanted to get into version 1.4!

Download the CEDAR VA Profile for Star Citizen here

I’m getting a long-overdue upgrade to my video card in the next few weeks so I’ll be putting together some updated tutorial videos for the CEDAR Profile. Check out my YouTube channel to see the current videos.

Here’s the notes for the latest update:

  • Fixed an issue with the Gimbal Lock preferred settings. Gimbal lock should now properly update based on your preferred settings.
  • Added commands for On Foot/FPS functions. Check out the updated command cheat sheet for the added sections.
  • Added commands to manage Velocity %.
  • Added an “exit seat” command
  • Expanded flight mode options to include flight modes by name (Precision, SCM, Cruise).
    • Due to the contextual nature of cycling flight modes this will not be 100% accurate, so I’ve left in the “cycle flight modes” command.
  • Added commands to toggle Mouse Movement Mode and Mouse Aim Mode. The following is my best attempt at explaining what these functions do.
    • Mouse Movement Mode – By default, the ship will continue turning in the direction of the mouse cursor until it is re-centered on screen. Toggling this option causes the ship turning to limit based on the distance the mouse travels (will require you to re-center your mouse frequently).
    • Mouse Aim Mode – By default, the ship will re-orient itself to the mouse cursor. Toggling this option will keep your ship on the same heading while moving the cursor around.
      • This command may not be executing properly due to a bug. I’ve submitted a help request to VA to get it resolved and will keep the command active in CEDAR 1.4 in case they are able to fix it quickly.
  • Disabled the “Master Power %” command. This command has been fairly inaccurate, since originally being implemented, and isn’t likely to get much use in the game at its current state. For those wishing to still use the command, you can enable the actions in the command itself, and please let me know if you feel strongly about it being re-enabled.
I just steer this thing.

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