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CEDAR is a full-featured VoiceAttack Profile for Star Citizen! Please make sure you are using the latest version of VoiceAttack to access all the features CEDAR can offer, and I’ll see you in the ‘verse!

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Version 1.5 – 2017 01 02 – Download File

Version History

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Version 1.5 Features


  • Keybinds setup for SC 2.6!
  • Introduction and user preferences walk through
  • Ship System state awareness and on-the-fly error correction
  • Full control over power systems: master power level, individual power group status, power distribution
  • Full control over shield directions
  • HUD display and interaction
  • Combat controls
  • Targeting controls
  • FPS/On Foot commands for StarMarine
  • NEW in 1.1: 4 audible response modes

Feature Explanations

State Correction – When enabled, issuing an absolute command such as enable, disable, cut, or restore will validate against the saved value of that system and return an error if they are currently the same. When disabled, commands will execute regardless of which state the saved variables are in. Default state is enabled.

Corrected Command Execution – After correcting a mismatched state, enabling this setting will automatically execute the command you had originally intended. Note: This feature will only be accessible when State Correction is enabled. Default state is enabled.

System HUD Interaction – When enabled, the HUD display will change to show relevant displays when making certain changes (ex: adjusting shield priority will show the shields HUD display). Default state is enabled.

Critical Command Confirmation – When enabled, Eject and Self destruct commands will ask you for confirmation before executing. Default state is disabled.

Dumb Fire Missiles – When issuing the “fire missile” command, the system will check if a missile lock has been acquired recently. If not, enabling the dumb fire missiles command will first lock missiles, pause for an arbitrary amount of time (specific pause can be edited in the “fire missile” command) and then fire.


1.5 – 2017 01 02

  • Keybindings mapped for Star Citizen Alpha 2.6
  • Updated keybindings for exit seat, holster weapon, prone, cycle safeties, heal, boost, and space brake.
  • Updated the functionality of afterburners now that they have their own keybind and no longer require a double click. As of the current release the command will press and hold the shift button until you say stop.
  • Removed now depreciated flight mode commands and their associated keybindings.
  • Added in FPS/Combat commands for use in StarMarine.
    • Added commands for “Signal [forward/left/right/stop/yes/no]” according to the FPS emotes in StarMarine
    • Switching weapons, reloading, and med pen/healing also included
    • Note: During testing it does not appear that the “lean left” and “lean right” commands are working in the current StarMarine release. The key bindings in CEDAR 1.5 have been verified so I’m hopeful this works once CIG Fixes it!
  • Remapped the shield management commands to use prefix/suffix method outlined in this VoiceAttack tutorial video. There should be no difference in

1.4 – 2016 09 21

  • Keybindings mapped for Star Citizen Alpha 2.5
  • Fixed an issue with the Gimbal Lock preferred settings. Gimbal lock should now properly update based on your preferred settings.
  • Added commands for On Foot/FPS functions. Check out the updated command cheat sheet for the added sections.
  • Added commands to manage Velocity %.
  • Added an “exit seat” command
  • Expanded flight mode options to include flight modes by name (Precision, SCM, Cruise).
    • Due to the contextual nature of cycling flight modes this will not be 100% accurate, so I’ve left in the “cycle flight modes” command.
  • Added commands to toggle Mouse Movement Mode and Mouse Aim Mode. The following is my best attempt at explaining what these functions do.
    • Mouse Movement Mode – By default, the ship will continue turning in the direction of the mouse cursor until it is re-centered on screen. Toggling this option causes the ship turning to limit based on the distance the mouse travels (will require you to re-center your mouse frequently).
    • Mouse Aim Mode – By default, the ship will re-orient itself to the mouse cursor. Toggling this option will keep your ship on the same heading while moving the cursor around.
      • This command may not be executing properly due to a bug. I’ve submitted a help request to VA to get it resolved and will keep the command active in CEDAR 1.4 in case they are able to fix it quickly.
  • Disabled the “Master Power %” command. This command has been fairly inaccurate, since originally being implemented, and isn’t likely to get much use in the game at its current state. For those wishing to still use the command, you can enable the actions in the command itself, and please le me know if you feel strongly about it being re-enabled.

1.3 – 2016 08 30

  • Updated keybindings for SC 2.5, including new landing mode and automated landing commands.
  • Added a “Map [1..5] targets” command to prevent targets being un-pinned when there were fewer than 4 present.
  • Fixed an issue where the “afterburner” command did not function properly.
  • Modified system references to “combat stability” to now say “command stability.” Spoken commands will still recognize “Combat Stability” but all system confirmations will return “Command Stability” in audible and text responses.

1.2 – 2016 06 20

  • Added the “Strafe” and “Strafe and hold” commands per user feedback from CyberWolf.
  • Fixed an issue with the “show [overview;weapons;shields;power]” command not being executed properly.
  • Optimized some commands to reduce the number of  dynamic commands being sent to windows speech recognition.
    • One of the shield management commands was generating 1152 dynamic commands, this has now been reduced to 240.

1.1 – 2016 06 13

  • Added support for different audible response modes. Users can change the current response mode by stating “set response mode to ..” options are:
    • Standard text to speech (default)
    • Simple text to speech
    • Simple tones
    • R2D2
  • Added the “lock missiles on [2..4] targets” command. The 325A and some models of the Super Hornet are able to lock missiles on multiple targets simultaneously. This command will select the nearest target, start locking missiles, then repeat the process for the next 1 to 3 targets.
  • Corrected an issue with the “landing_mode” variable when issuing the takeoff command. It should now correctly set the landing_mode variable when taking off (fewer mismatches when trying to land).

1.0.1 – 2016 06 07

  • VoiceAttack doesn’t trigger the expected startup commands when a profile is imported during an active and so I’ve added some fail-safe features. The introduction will be prompted after the first command is issued. The startup command will also trigger after restarting VA or by switching profiles.
  • Cleaned up some deprecated variables and debugging event log code.
  • Modified some spoken commands with additional options – “[increase;full] power to (power group)”