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What features do YOU want in CEDAR 1.3 and Beyond?

With 2.5 being released to the live servers, and alpha 2.6 and 3.0 on the horizon for the rest of this year, its time to update CEDAR for some of the incoming features and commands that are being added.

I wanted to get the feedback from you, the players, about which features and enhancements I should incorporate into CEDAR v1.3 to get the most out of the Star Citizen experience.

Some of the possibilities I’ve thought about are:

  • Expanded audio feedback options
  • Custom ship loadout preferences
  • Galactopedia entries
  • Miscellaneous “personality” modes

Comment below to let me know what YOU would like to have included in the latest update to the CEDAR profile.

I just steer this thing.

4 thoughts on “What features do YOU want in CEDAR 1.3 and Beyond?

  1. Honestly the entire profile is pretty solid. I make exactly one change to every release. I add the word “jump” for quantum travel. Because…frak it.

    I hope you keep up the good work. CEDAR is the best SC profile out there.

  2. I came up with more ideas/suggestions after my last post. I don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction, so these are just my opinions.

    Personalities, galactopedia, and audio feedback are all great for attracting a bigger crowd. The reason I’m currently using CEDAR, is because it cut down on the fluff and gets me the commands I need quickly. I would say, expand upon that. In a perfect world I should be able to say 100 different things for takeoff. If CEDAR gets to even a fraction of that ability it would be amazing. So, make sure the basics are covered and then ask your community for various of commands. i.e. take off, takeoff, liftoff, departure control, let’s go, launch, blastoff, ascend, shove off, depart, go, etc. I think, again just my opinion, but I think you’d get a lot of cult following being known as the profile that let’s you say anything and it works every time. Just my two cents. Regardless, great profile!

  3. I would say adding different ways of saying things is good, but to a limit, I wouldn’t want it to slow the script down.
    As for more personality, wiki, etc… I’ve started using CEDAR because it’s doesn’t have those things, I’m not looking for a fake AI, but something to help me be more efficient in combat, I need fast action response.

    Here is my suggestion, not sure if the script is already built like this, make sure it performs the action before anything superfluous… Perform the action before you talk back to me saying you’re going to perform the action, perform the action before you update variables that aren’t required to properly perform the action, etc.

  4. Please add a dynamic zoom command.
    Maybe just a goggle like “zoom” to go in all the way then another “zoom” to back out?

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