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CEDAR VoiceAttack profile for Star Citizen Demo’d

I’ve been working on a VoiceAttack profile for Star Citizen over the last few nights and got to finally put together a demo video showing off some of the initial features. I’m planning to make the full profile available (maybe for a small donation) as well as some lighter version of it for people who just want to handle the basics.

As it stands, here are some of the current features of the profile:

  • Full control over shield and power systems
  • Full control over IFCS variables (coupled, gsafe, combat stability, ESP)
  • Mapping/saving of targets (hostile and friendly)
  • Awareness and correction of system variables
  • Comprehensive introduction and setup sequence
  • User preference configuration to quickly setup your ship as you like
  • HUD interaction to enable you to see ship settings as they are changed.
I just steer this thing.

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