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CEDAR Version 1.3 Now Available!

The latest version of CEDAR is now available with updated keybindings and commands for Star Citizen Alpha 2.5, as well as a few minor bug fixes.

New additions to 1.3

  • Updated keybindings for SC 2.5, including new landing mode and automated landing commands.
  • Added a “Map [1..5] targets” command to prevent targets being un-pinned when there were fewer than 4 present.
  • Fixed an issue where the “afterburner” command did not function properly.
  • Modified system references to “combat stability” to now say “command stability.” Spoken commands will still recognize “Combat Stability” but all system confirmations will return “Command Stability” in audible and text responses.

Head on over to the CEDAR VoiceAttack Profile page to download the latest version!

I’m still seeking additional suggestions for features to add to the CEDAR profile. If there’s a feature you’d like to have added, let me know in the comments!

I just steer this thing.

5 thoughts on “CEDAR Version 1.3 Now Available!

  1. Ive been playing around with Voice Attack and some other profiles and just came across yours. I must say I am impressed. Really well put together and very efficient in its processing. Are you writing the default config settings somewhere or would we need to run through the whole initialisation process each time we load up?

    1. You’ll only need to go through the preferences setup on your first time through, the system remembers your choices as long as you keep the same profile. Updating to a new profile version might make you redo the setup again, but that’s not very frequently needed.

  2. Love your particular Voice Attack profile. Definitely my fave so far. I added some commands of my own that might be helpful to others to already include in a future release. For instance I added my own command for switching between guns while on foot. “first weapon” “second weapon” etc. I also added a command “Relative Mode” to switch between Relative Mode or Look Ahead mode. Lastly (so far), I added command “Going E V A” to exit cockpit when wanting to. If you already had these in I missed them while perusing the command lines…OOPS! Otherwise, perhaps those ideas can be added in a future release. Thanks for making CEDAR! 🙂

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