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The NANO profile is a VoiceAttack Profile customized for Elite: Dangerous! I’ve built it to have all the basic features you would want in Elite: Dangerous including the custom response modes that I designed in CEDAR but it’s also very compact, including a total of 12 commands and 84 derived commands.

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Version 1.0 Features


  • Keybinds setup for Elite: Dangerous version 2.2!
  • Interact with Hardpoints, Landing Gear, Cargo Scoop, and Exterior Lights
  • Full control over power distribution
  • Pre-configured power distrubtion settings
  • Targeting controls including subsystems
  • Select Wingmen and Fighters Note: Needs validation
  • 3 optional audible response modes


1.0 – 2017 01 25

  • First release version!
  • Note: I couldn’t validate the commands for selecting Wingmen and Fighters due to my limited progress in the game. If you encounter any issues, please send me feedback and I can adjust the profile accordingly.
  • Note: The profile should be compatible with the limits for VoiceAttack free trial. If you find that it is not, please let me know right away!