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Star Citizen Mining Cheat Sheets

The following mining detail cheat sheets were featured in my Star Citizen Mining Tutorial Series, so if you have any questions about how to mine in Star Citizen please check that series out!

Many viewers requested an easy-to-access copies so they could either download or reference them, so here they are! Please feel free to view, save, and share these charts!

EDIT: An updated version of these cheat sheets is available here:

I just steer this thing.

7 thoughts on “Star Citizen Mining Cheat Sheets

  1. Need a video on how to use a rented prospector. And how to install the modules where to buy them and when the rent expires what happens to the modules that are bought. How to remove Innert material from cargo. how to check contents of the cargo in prospector.

  2. On the Mineable Ore Locations (Deep Space) you show for example (CRU L2-A) (CRU L2-B) & (CRU L2-C). I assume the starting point on each is CRU L2, But what does the A,B, & C stand for? Also for Quantanium Ore you show the best as 0.8. What does 0.8 refer to? Sorry but I am having trouble interpreting the chart. I also use the Cornerstone charts for the Aaron Halo, but I don’t see any connection to it. But If you could explain the use of the chart I would appreciate it Very Much.

    1. Ok I see that the A,B, & C are satellite stations (or Jump Points-not sure) around a space station, but is that a starting point and if so where is the destination target? still confused to there use.

      1. The -A, -B and -C designations were additional points of interest around the LaGrange points that can be quantum traveled to. These are additional asteroid fields, sometimes military stations in the case of INS Jericho, and hopefully jump points in the future.

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