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CEDAR available for download! Your feedback and support is appreciated!

For those interested in using the CEDAR profile for VoiceAttack, I’ve made the full profile available for free, and you can download it over here.

Bug Reporting:

I’ve done my best to test out all the commands and features to ensure everything works as expected, however that isn’t a guarantee that there aren’t bugs! If you notice one of the commands isn’t working, leave your feedback here in the comments section.

Feature Requests:

I’ll do some ongoing development to add new features and ways to interact with the profile. Leave a comment with the features you’d be interested in seeing!

Like the profile? Send some support!

Yeah, I can’t get too far without a shameless plug for some monetary feedback. I’ve made the profile available for free, but that doesn’t mean it was easy to make! The development of version 1.0 took several days of work to complete. If you like the profile, I would encourage you to hit that “donate” button over on the sidebar to show your support!

I just steer this thing.

26 thoughts on “CEDAR available for download! Your feedback and support is appreciated!

  1. Downloaded the latest set – got an error loading the profile
    there is an error in XML document (8896,12)
    instance validation error: ‘conditionelseif’ is not a valid value for ActionTypeEnum

  2. RedMonster, Great profile!
    Hey is there a command for Boost and hold for X seconds, could not find any afterburner or boost commands.

    1. Actually, a command like you have for Strafe and hold but using the Afterburners and or boost and hold would be awesome 🙂

      1. Hey CyberWolf, I’ve built two new commands that should suit your needs, expect them in the next update! The first is a simple “boost” command that boosts for 2 seconds, and the second is a “boost and hold” command, both are very similar to the current strafe commands. In addition, I’ve simplified a few of the more complex commands to reduce the number of derived phrases that VA tries to pass to windows speech recognition, which may be the source of some of the VA unhandled exceptions. (One command was generating nearly 1200 phrase combinations, which I was able to reduce down to about 240).

      2. Vantastic RedMonster! Looking forward to the next release!
        BTW good intro video, was wondering why some of the commands were not working Comstab and Gsafe 🙂

  3. Bug with v. 1.1: Show weapons, show shields, show power – none seem to work. Looks like keys are correct, suspect the parsing in the command isn’t working, didn’t look thoroughly enough to debug for you.

  4. As far as voices go, does it use whatever voice you have set up for your system? As with the other profile I used I have an Ivona voice profile that I like.

  5. When I first loaded the profile and went into SC and got into the ship… VA set up personal preferences asking questions.

    Is there a way to reset the profile and have it do this again?

  6. 2 quick things…
    1) You should put the command “Restart Cedar Introduction” on your cheat sheet page for those who missed it in the initial introduction.
    2) I set gimble lock default to locked and didn’t mean to in the initial setup and everytime I used the command to change it back to unlocked it just kept saying it was locked. No matter if I did true or false for that default.

    Only two things I have seen… Amazing voice profile! This will be my profile from now on. THANKS FOR THE HARD WORK!

  7. Please add a dynamic zoom command.
    Maybe just a goggle like “zoom” to go in all the way then another “zoom” to back out?

  8. Fantastic set. Just downloaded last night and am already hooked.
    After watching your utube series I have added a few of the typing in commands eg /rude3 /salute which then holds for 2 seconds and then /atease . Looks really good and is so much faster than typing.
    Looking forward to any updates but am just finding it great.

    1. Sorry, I just was your post stating that you ARE working on 2.6 for please forget my previous post. I do hope you support commands for Star Marine even if just the simple things like Heal, Reload, and maybe the lean left, lean right when behind cover. Stuff like that would help out a lot.

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