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Returning to Content Creation

Hey Folks!

I’d taken a break from Star Citizen and making regular updates to the site while I dealt with a busy personal life, but things are improving now and I’ve gotten back into content creation. I expect to start creating more content over the next several weeks focused on Star Citizen, with a few other games thrown in when I feel like it.

As for my upcoming projects, I have a few that I’m planning to work on:

  1. Building a following for my Twitch Channel ( – Please stop in and give me a follow. I live stream my own game sessions as well as group events put together with the Utah Star Citizens!
  2. Creating new video content for my Youtube Channel (
  3. Updating the website with free resources for fellow gamers to elevate their gaming experience.

I plan on reviewing peripherals, like my recently acquired VKB Gladiator NXT Premium flight sticks, as well as doing in-game tutorials on how a new player can get started in the verse and have an enjoyable experience.

That’s all for now!

I just steer this thing.

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