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Note: Square brackets “[ ]” indicate a range of options. Italicized text provides a brief description for commands that may not be self-explanatory. This is not a complete list of available verbal commands, but contains the most common spoken commands. Other spoken variations have been added out of personal preference, but are not listed here.

Basic Ship Functions

  • [enter;exit;engage] frame shift drive
  • [deploy;retract;toggle] hardpoints
  • [deploy;retract;toggle] landing gear
  • [deploy;retract;toggle] cargo scoop
    • Note: VoiceAttack is not sending key presses for the “HOME” key, may be broken until a later VA update.
  • toggle lights
  • [cycle;next] fire group
  • take off

Custom Response Modes

  • set response mode to [normal;tone;r2d2;disable]:
    • normal: standard text to speech responses
    • tone: single tone confirmation
    • r2d2: thematically appropriate responses
    • disable: no audible confirmations

Power Management Commands

  • Full Power To [sytems;engines;weapons]
  • Increase Power To [sytems;engines;weapons]
  • Reset power
  • Combat mode – Note: prioritizes power to weapons (full) and systems (partial)>/li>
  • Defensive mode – Note: prioritizes power to systems (full) and engines (partial)
  • Evasive mode – Note: prioritizes power to engines (full) and systems (partial)

Targeting Commands

  • [this;next;cycle] Target
  • target ahead
  • target highest threat
  • target subsystem
  • target next subsystem

Wingman Commands

  • Select Wingman [1;2;3]
  • Select Wingmans target
  • Select Wingman [1;2;3]s target

Fighter Commands

  • fighters dock
  • fighters defensive
  • fighters aggressive
  • fighters focus target
  • fighters hold fire
  • fighters hold position
  • fighters follow