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Alpha 3.0 PTU Testing

I got my invite for the Alpha 3.0 PTU last night and jumped on to see everything new in 3.0! Check out my recorded livestream of the event, and the screenshots of my gorgeous Sabre Raven that came as part of the Intel Optane Promo!

CEDAR Version 1.3 Now Available!

The latest version of CEDAR is now available with updated keybindings and commands for Star Citizen Alpha 2.5, as well as a few minor bug fixes. New additions to 1.3 Updated keybindings for SC 2.5, including new landing mode and automated landing commands. Added a “Map [1..5] targets” command to prevent targets being un-pinned when…

What features do YOU want in CEDAR 1.3 and Beyond?

With 2.5 being released to the live servers, and alpha 2.6 and 3.0 on the horizon for the rest of this year, its time to update CEDAR for some of the incoming features and commands that are being added. I wanted to get the feedback from you, the players, about which features and enhancements I…

CEDAR VoiceAttack profile for Star Citizen Demo’d

I’ve been working on a VoiceAttack profile for Star Citizen over the last few nights and got to finally put together a demo video showing off some of the initial features. I’m planning to make the full profile available (maybe for a small donation) as well as some lighter version of it for people who…